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This site is one of many biathlon sites designed to promote and encourage interest in the greatest sport ever devised!  While we strive for quality and interest, we don't pretend to be a comprehensive reference for all things biathlon, there are those sites already, like the wonderful http://www.biathlon-online.de/ originally managed by Viktoria Franke, or the International Biathlon Union (IBU) site at http://www.biathlonworld.com/.   However, we plan to have biathlon news that is not available anywhere else in English, and the largest English-Language biathlon-only News agency.

This site is by and for a few die-hard biathlon enthusiasts who think that there are those whom might find the information we gather interesting.  Despite our name, we are not just interested in the exploits of American athletes, but for athletes of all countries, and events around the world.  We are not affilliated with the U.S. Biathlon Association (USBA), but are enthusiastic supporters, and encourage frequent visits to their site at http:// www.biathlon.teamusa.org.

The managers and founders of this site are Ross Burton (USA) and Raniya Kutumova (Russia) (photos below).  Currently most of the content is by Ross and Larissa Adamenkova (Estonia).  We have input from our friend Louise Wood at Biathlon23.com

We will report on the events we attend, and invite submissions from othe attendees.  So enjoy our little site, and visit often.  We also publish the blog of Laura Toivanen, a young Finnish biathlete.


You can see our photos on several other Biathlon websites.  We are official photographer for Team Finland, and their website and magazine are full of our pictures.  The Belarus Biathlon Federation, http://www.biathlon.by/, features several albums of out photos.

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       Larissa A.  (Estonia)                                 Ross B., USA                            Raniya K., Russia

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