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Monday, October 24, 2011It's time for skies! Privet! That's the greeting I'm wishing with smile nearly every morning here in Kontiolahti! There are teams at least from Khanty-Mansiysk and St.Petersburg, and Kuzmina and co!:) But it's not too busy on the cooled skitrack and I'm able to do my trainings as planned. I spent two times one week training in Vuokatti. At the first time we had our "first and last" trainingcamp with B-team, that because all the previous camps have been partly only races and sometimes even we lived at home so so... Luckily our B-teamcoach took it all quite easy-going and I was able to adjust the program a little bit with my own coach:) This camp was really good break after the miscellaneous times with moving and stress^^ Last week I was once again in Vuokatti, training by my own. Half of the time having company of my boyfriend and half of the time alone.. Or how could I say; together with Belarus team and a lot of other skiers, starting their schoolbreak and autumnholidays by skiing outside on the 1,5k track! And when I arrived back home, Ahti also arrived from the superlong trainingcamp in Ruhpolding and Ramsau! It's been a bit worse conditions up on the glacier this year, but nevertheless; Ahti is really fit:D And he is already named to the Worldcup team to ??stersund! On the girls side only Kaisa and Mari are sure for the big cup. So there are two places left and they will be decided after the qualiraces here in Kontiolahti 19 th of Nov. Otherwise it's time to relax few days now, before we head to Muonio at 5th of November. There're supposed to be also German and swedish biathlon teams! That means the raceseason is starting soon when you see more and more biathletes training tiptop.^^' I'm excited and not at all nervous, I'm not worried if I'm not skiing in the first WorldCup. Of Course it would be great, especially when the first place ??stersund is my second hometown (like I always say:)) and also I've heard there are many friends and fans coming around!:) But in the meanwhile it would be easy to ski in Ibu-cup when you know the places; Ridnaun and Obertilliach are both excellent for training and also situated at the higher altitude... Anyways, I accept every desicion where I'll be skiing or if I ski at all abroad! Who knows. My shape is getting better but it's hard to know where I stand, so in the middle of October:) We were supposed to have a trainingcamp in Vuokatti, starting tomorrow but due to lack of money in our biathlonassociation we don't have it. (nor a-team!!!:o) But as I told you before I hope our next camp in Muonio will be there... And in the end, The season is actually starting this sunday!! Cross-country Finnish cup starts on Saturday in Vuokatti, and I'll be skiing relay with Kontiolahti SportClub on Sunday together with Kaisa and Sarianna! so there we are, Saarinen, Lähteenmäki and co. Cool!! Let's see... Otherwise I'm of to swim again to the lake with Sampo, Just 3 times in the sauna and then 4 times a small round in the lake;) refreshing and awesome!! ps. Recommended book to read for German biathlonfans, or anybody who's interested in Finland from a viewpoint of a german man:) Wolfram Eilenberger- Finnen von Sinnen! geiles Buch-- er wird(oder hat schon) nach Finnland umziehen um eine Finnin zu heiraten und dann erzählt er auch wie viel die Finnen spinnen;)) *gg* Posted by Laura Toivanen at 10:22 AM 0 comments Thursday, September 8, 2011Behind the scenes?! Hou! Oh this time's passing so quickly! Sorry!=) So how is it going over here? There's been a lot of things happening behind the scenes. I just wanted to show how it happens... the results are not always "just" what they show. How people usually do? -check out the results from the races and blame the losers and cheer for the winners. easy eh? Most of the time there are many unknown facts that should be considered before you cheer or blame..^^' I'm not talking just about me, but also about all the athletes! Well, there really have been going on something. And in this case there are things like moving, packing, cleaning, racing, training, school, boyfriend, decorating, playing, worrying... eh demanding me just to take a nap! -But I don't have even time fot that! After my big brother's wedding, it's been all but easy! I have to mention that my first (hopefully not the last) weddingday was memorable and lovely, but also causing very aching feet and also I got a flue! Next weekend after that we had finnish cross-biathlon champs, and it didn't really help my feeling in my body when I HAD to start in the races. Well, luckily I wasn't that bad and we took even the relay gold for Kontiolahti! So let's count, one week sick and the next week I was kind of resting in Helsinki and then heading to Lahti where I was training with my personal coach! At this part I felt okey, but once again there were IBU-cup roller races coming... So I think I was kind of healthy one week and of course you're supposed to do a lot of trainings, well due to that and all the other stressy things (like packing, cleaning up for the new address!!!) I started in rollerraces... Everyone can check out the results, and think oh she's not doig very well... In the big new steap uphill I was nearly dead, and in addition to bad skiing I even shot 2 misses from standing. Somewhere between Otepää trainingraces and that day (5weeks) I had lost over 100seconds compared to my fellow Sarianna. 10seconds behind in Otepää and now we could be nearly counting hours^^D My nervsystem was tired, so did my muscles, in that case you have no choice to take in some oxygen..^D Well, I skipped the pursuit day and continued my non-athletic lifestyle with packing and stressing. so on... And that means one week total stress with big packs and new address stuff. Luckily we got it finished before the Finnish roller-biathlon champs just during the next weekend! But there were no better way. One day during the previous week I realized I had to calm down and stop worrying about every single thing when I was crying all day along, even in the training...^^/ My new home is now here in the centrum of Joensuu, just a few steps away from university.. I'm living now in a huge 106m2 flat with my little brother and boyfriend. It's only ridiculous that both of them took this moving very calmly, and only I was affected so heavily. But dont' worry now I'm doing a little bit better! Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to follow the A-team to Obertilliach trainingcamp, nor I have money for Ramsau sportcamp! This year our lovely association put so heavy costs for the camp that none of b-team can't afford it! That means training days at home... that's a bit heavy for my bright head which loves Austria and the landscapes of Ramsau! However, There were certainly some things going on here, and that's (hopefully) the reason for the poor races at this point of the season. Luckily I've still three months to go before the season starts.... in SWEDEN!!! o vad jag saknar ditåt!:) I'll update later, now I head to dancelessons and wait for the coming sportcamp in Vuokatti! Arrivederci! GLG Posted by Laura Toivanen at 6:47 AM 0 comments Friday, July 29, 2011

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